Since 2010, Strawberry Solar has specialized as Michigan's leading expert for turnkey solar design and construction support.

  Clean, reliable, & affordable energy

We educate... not sell. Passing along our knowledge to you is what we do, so you can make an informed decision. We simplify all the options and let you decide.


Strawberry's trusted partners & products:

We know there are many different products available, so we make it easy by only installing top quality products for homes and businesses.


Our Turnkey Approach: 

We work with you to analyze your electric bills

and determine your options for solar energy savings.

Residential Solar

Solar for your home

We generate energy savings, and cost control for homeowners. Pay less for your power, save money from solar energy. Honesty, quality construction, and customer satisfaction has and always will remain our highest priority.


Commercial Solar

Solar for your business

Considering solar for your business or property? Let us help you start saving money on monthly energy bills with no upfront costs. Our professional no-cost analysis will outline a custom solar solution that maximizes cost savings, and advises on project financing.


Non-Profit Solar

Nonprofits & houses of worship

We work with schools, universities, churches, synagogues, mosques, and other non-profit facilities to provide customized energy solutions, using top tier products, quality installation, customer service and ongoing support that is second to none. 


Battery Backup Systems

Off-Grid & Demand Management

Battery backup and 24/7 solar energy accessibility is now a reality Battery storage has become a critical part of our customers' energy strategy. We have extensive experience offsetting high energy costs to achieve renewable energy goal.

going solar-02.png

Going Green is one of the many perks of your solar installation. Your home or business will also benefit by saving money on utility costs, which can then be used in other ways. 

Strawberry Solar can help your home or business harness all the benefits that solar energy offers. Learn how to improve your business, sign up today & receive a free quote.