Michigan Has Plenty of Sun!

Do you believe in a solar Michigan? Despite cloudy weather, Michigan is a great place for solar energy production. Like many other places at northern latitudes with a favorable net-metering policy, there is more than enough sun in Michigan to offset your entire energy bill with rooftop solar systems.

Cost of Solar ↓  |  Electricity costs

Solar energy is an affordable and proven technology that is growing rapidly in the Midwest and across the nation. The cost of solar equipment has dropped 40% in recent years and the cost of electricity continues to rise by an average of 5% every year. IN FACT, the price of solar is now competitive with the price of electricity generated from coal.

Lock in Your Electricity Rates

Michigan has the highest electricity prices in the midwest. With rates increasing every year, purchasing solar for your home means that you don’t have to deal with rate hikes from the power company. You will produce your own power, on your own property, only paying the costs of the system and for any financing options that you choose.

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